Samalenya beauties contends to be the next Binibining Island Garden City of Samal 2023

This year, the island will be host to the Binibining IGACOS 2023 pageant. The pageant is a yearly event that aims to showcase the beauty and talents of the island’s young women, as well as promote its tourism industry. The pageant features various categories, including swimsuit, evening gown, and talent competitions.

January 22, 2023, SICC Gymnasium – With strong and fierce stage presence, graceful poise and bearing, refined body proportion and captivating beauty, 15 bambini’s from all over IGACOS out of the 20 aspirants were selected to contend and be crowned as the Binibining IGACOS 2023.
These ladies earned their spot to contend as they confidently exhibit their grace, beauty and intellect enamoring the judges and nailing the set criteria during the screening test supervised by the City Investment and Tourism Office:

Official Candidate of Binibining IGACOS 2023

The Binibining Island Garden City of Samal pageant is not only a beauty contest but also a platform for young women to showcase their talents, intelligence, and social awareness. It is a great opportunity for them to gain confidence, develop their public speaking skills and represent the Island in a positive way.

The event is expected to attract a large number of tourists to the island, as well as provide a boost to the local economy. The pageant is also a great way for Samal Island to promote its culture and traditions to the world.