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SAMAL NEWS || Bringing Civil Registration closer to Stakeholders

SAMAL NEWS || Bringing Civil Registration closer to Stakeholders
Samal Island City College, December 12, 2022 – Civil Registration Forum was conducted at the Gymnasium of SICC today participated by the NSTP first year students, coordinated by Mr. James Husain. The forum was initiated by the City Civil Registrar’s Office headed by. Mr. Joel Padillo, in partnership with the Samal Island City College headed by Dr. Jose Ersante Fuertes. 
The City Civil Registrar articulated the purpose of civil registration and its importance. He highlighted that it is every citizen’s responsibility to comply and be registered to secure legal proof of identity and citizenship. Meanwhile, Ms. Maria Victoria Pichon discussed the application for a birth certificate, marriage license and death registration. Legitimation and laws related to an individual’s civil status were discussed by Ms. Leah Bacus. Lastly, Mr. Noel P. Cal discussed the clerical errors and legal process as well as the fees for correction. He reminded everyone to be meticulous upon checking their legal papers and to immediately correct any erroneous detail.
During the open forum, queries and confusions regarding the Civil Registration were raised by the students. The City Civil Registrar answered each questions and provided clarity to misconceptions and confusions.
In acknowledgement to the vital role played by the City Civil Registrar’s Office in bringing the civil registration closer to people, forum on civil registration will be conducted to the different stakeholders in the City. The forum aims to enhance awareness and establish the importance of civil registration.